"Successful Human Resource Management Principles" Seminar
Sevastopol, Ukraine
22-26 May, 2006

Pictured left to right:

Milan Shaw is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with experience in auditing US Government contracts and is currently involved in a real estate brokerage and investment business which he co-founded.

Sam Dose has extensive experience in plastics manufacturing with the automotive, household products, sanitation, and swimming pool industries. He is currently director of the global supply chain for a worldwide pool equipment manufacturer.

Larry Ledford has experience in law enforcement, disaster management, and finance. He is certified in many areas of business and financial management and consulting and is involved in a real estate brokerage, investment, and development business he co-founded.

Lanny Farmer is retired from the pharmaceutical industry after a career in sales and sales training management and from the insurance industry. He spends time now in real estate brokerage and investment and loving on his grandchildren.



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